My Delicate Pleasure...

In daily life, I have a propensity to do many usual chores that bring me elation, contentment which I call the little things or elements of life. I would just faint to file all of them here. I like to trot in the morn; I have no intensions of doing it professionally but for the sake of my prolonged existence, well-being. I like to sprint two miles or so everyday. Beside, I like to game on, on a pure entertainment basis. I play both computer & physical games. Sometimes, I find pleasure when I go to a picnic or things like that. I am akin to traveling a lot – mainly to out of the ordinary places at home & abroad. The above mentioned things are my outdoor pleasures.
Now, let’s look at my indoor activities. I like to watch TV for two hours a day. I also like to eat different kinds of foods – especially fruits. Of all my pleasures, I still like reading most. I always like to read whenever I get the chance to squeeze out some quality time from life! I like to read different kinds of books. I get cent percent pleasure when I read the short-stories of any writer. Beside this, I have some hobbies, too. I like stamp-collecting. I get fulfillment when I listen to a piece of music or a song. I prefer listening to music to song. I like it most when I sing a song to my soul! I like poetry-recitation especially the poems of Jibanananda Dash, some of Nazrul & quite a few of Rabindranath and in English literature – especially the poems of Alexander Selkirk, some of T.S Eliot & quite a few of R. Frost but mostly I like to recite my own poems. I get great pleasure when I do something for my own family not necessarily money-wise but by intellectual means! If I am of any help to them, I always try to do that job with utmost concentration, sincerity & honesty.

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