The Corpse, Its Heart And Soul...

You are only interested in my outer shield
But you know – there is a heart indoors
And also a soul - that you do not want to understand
As you always say - Just blame it on the genes!
You have not got the time to look inside your mind
You have not quite got the time to open your essence!
From cradle to the grave,
You always want to own my defense,
You mark it; you name it as you wish it to be
one of your earthly possessions!
But let me clarify this – I am not you or whom that you imagine,
You all blame it on the complexity of the human race,
You even try to knot your mind with mine
whom had I never seen, judged or acknowledged!
Like merely a game, you cut off a piece of my skin
and in a fake philosophical way say
that it is another dimension of mine,
Although I always vehemently deny
that, My soul always wants to pronounce
that - you have made my life agony,
You have made my life busy in a false
way, you have never allowed me to imagine
even about what my heart says - about myself
& God, let alone about my essence;
In this day of perfect climate,
You are stealthily putting my corpse in another cradle,
Anyway, I only want to say that
My shell is all yours, you have all
consumed it! My mind goes with the shell as a bonus gift!
But my soul! That is all
I have got! Got to get away with it!!

Rashidul Islam © 2009.

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